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A Conversation With Florette, Part 2

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Welcome back, homies!

Happy week 6, my dudes! This week we have a continuation of our conversation with our the world’s best advisor, Florette Press. There was just so much content that we could not keep it contained to just one episode. Florette deserves two episodes, at least.

In this episode, we get to know the more personal side of Florette as we talk about what she does in her free time and what goes through her mind when she takes the same classes with her students. We also learn about what her most ideal Friday would be under the most optimal conditions (I’ll give you a hint—it involves wine, friends, and her cats)!

We also talk about our favorite parts of Philadelphia and our mutual appreciation for Old City and their First Friday events, while Liz and Florette bond over their love of camping hammocks! My oh my, do we miss the days of pre-COVID entertainment. One day things will be back to normal. Just wear your mask!

At the end, we share our most favorite “ain’t that something” moments in the real world.

Like we mentioned before, this recording was made back in October, so there will be a lot of past references to politics and COVID.

We are so stoked for you to hear this one, and once again, we appreciate you all so much. See y’all homies next week!

Much Love,

Liz & Brandon

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