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What they didn’t tell you on the tour

A new student’s first walk around Drexel’s campus can be a daunting experience. Even with a knowledgeable guide, there are still many things that get left out during the tour. Even seasoned Drexel students may find that they don’t entirely know how to fully take advantage of all our school has to offer. It is for this reason that we, the editorial board, have compiled a series of tips regarding food, studying and transportation on and around campus.


If you’re hungry and feeling lazy, CampusFood.com is your alternative to the sub-par food the Hans has to offer. Not only does CampusFood allow you to browse restaurants around Drexel, it also offers online ordering and discounts from vendors on campus.

However if you do feel like going out, try Editorial Board endorsed options like Landmark Americana in the DAC, or the recently opened Sabrina’s Cafe in Ross Commons. But be warned, despite being on campus, neither accepts Dining Dollars.

When there’s no time to sit down, why not try ‘lunch truck row’ behind the Main Building – it has some of the cheapest and tastiest food on campus! Our personal favorite is Cucina Zapata, a Thai Mexican fusion truck that won a Philly Vendy “People’s Choice” Award this year. You can also check out La Dominique Creperie on Market Street next to Hagerty for the best crepes around. That’s not just our opinion; USA Today named La Dominique one of the top ten food trucks in the country.

If you really want to save money on food, then try your hand at cooking. The closest grocery stores are Fresh Grocer at 40th and Walnut, and for the organic soul, Trader Joe’s at 21st and Market.


Studying in Hagerty is always a battle to get a primo study spot that’s not high traffic or noisy. Luckily, students now have the Library Learning Terrace as a study option. Located just under Race Hall, the recently opened space promotes collaborative study and even offers cocoon-like units for individual study.

If the weather is nice, check out Rush Garden outside the iSchool, complete with decent dragonfly reception and power outlets under the table. Or try the terrace outside the third floor of Bossone, for a quite secluded place to work.

Getting Around:

Although most of the Quad is now fenced off for the construction of the new business building, it’s still partially accessible. Students can go from 32nd & Market streets. to Korman, Disque and the recently reopened southwest Quad entrance at 33rd and Chestnut. This has significantly opened up the pathways at the heart of the campus. Hopefully construction does not further impede the ability of students to get around.

If you ever need to get to Center City, SEPTA isn’t your only option. Drexel also runs a free shuttle between 33rd and Market and 15th and Race, so that students and staff can easily get between University City and the Center City Medical Campus. However, the drop-off point is only a short walk form most Center City locations.

We’re sure that as you spend more time at Drexel, you’ll be able to add many more tips to this list. Hopefully the above advice will get you on your way to being a more savvy Drexel student.