Welcome (back) to The Triangle | The Triangle

Welcome (back) to The Triangle

We at The Triangle are taking an opportunity to start fresh, to thank those who have waited for us after a long hiatus — and to introduce ourselves to those who have never heard of us. We are Drexel University’s independent student-ran newspaper: we aim to provide timely and relevant news about life at Drexel and in Philadelphia, highlight groups and events on and around campus, deliver well-researched and thought-provoking perspectives of the latest cultural issues, and cover the newest media such as music, movies and books regardless of their popularity. 

This is the Triangle’s newest edition after almost a full year since last publishing — many complications, primarily as a result of COVID, intersected to play a role in this.The Triangle is thrilled to be returning to publication and is delighted to showcase the works of our members, some who have only been with us for three weeks, and some who have remained dedicated for as long as five years.

The diverse talent pool has allowed a community of Drexel’s dedicated students to learn outside the classroom and learn from each other — lessons that cannot be taught in the institutional setting. 

The Triangle and its staff are deeply honored to work towards our mission of rebirth of organization. The path to this edition has been rocky, taking a mass of collective labor by a staff with little training but enormous dedication. 

The process has been filled with many challenges: moving our offices to the Creese student Center required time to unpack and reorganize our space, and senior members graduating and lapses in communication impacted our staff engagement. In spite of these hurdles, the remaining team members have worked towards new ways to revitalize the newspaper, finding ways to create a product that distinguishes and reaffirms the Triangle as a vital part of the Drexel community. 

The work you see here is not for fame nor acclaim; it is a labor of passion.. These are the ideas that matter to the people, by the people. We’re here to stay. This edition of the Triangle includes work ranging from current events and hot topics to pop culture discourse and much more. 

We encourage any and all with an affinity for writing, editing, photography, graphic design, business , IT or journalism in general, to reach out to us. The Triangle is always looking for new voices, new perspectives, new pens on our paper — your mark on a hundred-year-old legacy. 

Please take the time to read us in your bedroom, living room or on your daily commute. 

Enjoy what our writers have created for you here. 

Expect to see us more often from here on out — the best is yet to come.