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The Write Place to Go

The age old question: Is it better to be a jack of all trades or a master of one?

As we enter a new age in the workforce, more and more people are making huge career pivots. Many individuals are opting for remote jobs and some are totally switching the industry they are in. This doesn’t surprise me because many people suppress their passions in pursuit of “safer” jobs. It reflects the popular choices of college students and the majors they land on (more so: how they choose their major).

When I was prompted to pick my college major, I was stumped. I had contrasting different interests, and I still do, but naturally only one could triumph and become my major. I thought about majoring in biology, English or UI/UX design. I did not love one more than the other, but still, the clock was ticking and I had to commit myself to a career at 18 years old nonetheless. Spoiler alert: I chose biology. 

That’s all beside the point, because the reason why I felt comfortable making that decision was knowing I could still pursue my other interests in different ways. I relied a lot on Dragonlink and all the organizations on campus to fill this void. As cheesy as it sounds to rely on DragonLink to kickstart your hobbies—it’s not. 

It’s the best way for freshmen and those who are new to campus to get acclimated with the University, get involved and also wind down a bit. I emphasize this since the pandemic forced most universities to go remote in the 2020-21 school year, so instead of only having clueless freshmen, we have clueless freshmen AND clueless sophomores. 

However, I was quite surprised at the lack of artistic outlets here. Therefore I wanted to wrap them all up in this article for anyone searching for a place to write or create on campus.

Maya Literary Magazine: Maya is Drexel’s only undergraduate literary magazine and they have been since they were established in 1967. They publish works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art (of all mediums). They also offer a $100 gift card prize for the winner of each of the four categories! 

Depict: Depict is a community space for anyone who wants to create art and learn about different mediums and perspectives. They always have art supplies ready for use at each event, and while some events have themes, they also double as open studios.

LitLab: Lit Lab is the new science literature magazine on campus. They publish quarterly editions online. The submissions they take range from blog posts on co-op experiences to articles geeking out about interesting topics and other academic writing!

HerCampus: This is an online magazine that welcomes articles on any topic. Writers can join their school’s chapter. Drexel is registered as a chapter of HerCampus and it’s the perfect place to write about just about anything. It’s a safe place where multiple chapters from different universities upload their work onto the website to create an amazing online magazine. Articles can concern topics as serious as mental health issues or as silly as what bread you would be. 

The Triangle: Last but not least: us. The Triangle is Drexel’s student-run newspaper. To any aspiring journalists or just lovers of writing, feel free to join. We publish articles in opinion, arts and entertainment, news, sports and comics, and we also need layout editors and copy editors.