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The Hype About Podcasts

For the last three years I have tried listening to podcasts every couple of months, but give up after a couple of days. I’m a massive bookworm and had a really hard time focusing because there wasn’t anything in front of me to grab my attention. Quarantine has for sure helped me overcome this trouble, and now I can’t imagine driving to work or cleaning up around my room without podcasts. After doing some research, I soon learned that different genres of podcasts can improve and stimulate different parts of your brain. Not only are you being entertained while getting work done, but your brain is also being exercised!

True crime podcasts have become very popular among listeners, and once you start it’s impossible to stop. It’s hard to believe that you can stress over a podcast, but when you get sucked into the crime story, the thrilling tale can cause your body to produce adrenaline! The endorphins your brain produces are somewhat addicting and is what causes your mind to keep pushing you to click the next episode even though you know you should be doing something else. When watching a horror movie, you may feel scared, but you don’t want it to stop so you keep going. This is the same feeling listeners experience during true crime podcasts.  

Comedy and lifestyle podcasts are also a top favorite among listeners because laughter is truly the best medicine! There is a wide range of comedy podcasts to listen to, and you’ll definitely be able to find one that matches your humor; I personally love lifestyle podcasts because I really enjoy listening to funny personal experiences the hosts share with the audience. Whenever you find something funny, your cortisol levels decrease, which means that your stress levels also decrease. “Midterms Season” are some of the most stressful weeks on campus, or online in this case, but taking the time to let your brain relax and relieve stress by listening to a funny podcast episode can greatly improve your mood.

You can find a podcast or a specific episode on pretty much anything! From cooking hacks to Harry Potter chapter analysis, to even weekly Bachelor/Bachelorette recap sessions. “Phoebe Reads A Mystery,” a podcast started during the early days of quarantine, soon became a fan favorite as listeners tune in every day to hear host Phoebe Judge read another chapter in the mystery novel she has chosen. For the movie lovers, the comic actor hosts of “How Did This Get Made” force their celebrity guests each week to watch a terrible movie, and spend the rest of the episode trying to figure out how the movie was even allowed to hit theaters. The podcast “Conspiracy Theories” dives deep into the most controversial events and secrets and uncovers the truth for their listeners. These episodes are sure to leave you wondering what ordinary events you come across daily might actually be cover-ups for something bigger.

With the podcast craze in full force, you are bound to find one that covers a topic you find interesting. Whether you are looking to pass the time on a long drive, or you’re trying to escape the harsh reality of midterms for a few minutes, podcasts are the best way to keep your brain engaged while multitasking!