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Thank you

The first snowfall of the season marks the climactic change and poetic finale to the year. The skies turn gray. Heads are bowed in silence as people trudge across the snow to their respective destinations. The city almost grinds to a halt. The year is on its dying embers and the added effect of snow is perhaps a reminder of the need to pause and reflect.

The world often offers a lot of eccentricities that throw us off balance and leave us out in the cold. But, every year, at a time such as this, we ought to take a step back and ponder over all the good that make life’s labors a little more bearable.

We at The Triangle have a whole host of people and things to be thankful for. We are grateful for the platform we have to report on society’s goings-on and to voice our opinions. We are grateful for the readers who pick up the paper, visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter. Just like in a performance, the writers are only half of the equation in the art. We are grateful for the other half that appraise our work every week.

The Triangle is a metropolis with many parts that work seamlessly and tirelessly together. We are grateful for the staff members who voluntarily toil day-by-day to sustain our organization in different capacities. The community that this student organization has created is a pillar for many of the staff and is a source of some simple joys in life. We are especially grateful for the new students who have acclimated very quickly to our culture and have taken up responsibilities. They are beginning a fulfilling time working at the newspaper with the rest of the staff.

A key component of our paper is the Engel Publishing Co., which never fails to deliver every Friday morning all the way from Lancaster. We are grateful for the patience with which they approach our craft, especially during the late night frantic calls to extend upload deadlines.

As much as we are a students’ organization based at Drexel, we recognize that we are not in a bubble here, in Philadelphia or even in the United States. Our collective existence is embellished by innumerable individuals. We are grateful for the powers that be who complement our existence. It is easy to go on a tangent and thank our Gator that works tirelessly to aid our paper delivery, the people who pave the sidewalk that we walk on and the electric company that makes it possible for us to print proofs but that can be summed up in one collective “Thank you.”

For most of us, this Thanksgiving season will be a jovial one. However, there are many who will not share this luxury. As we wine and dine, it is imperative that we keep them in our thoughts and, above all, help if we can. Let us all admire and be grateful for those who are laboring to palliate such fears. And let us all think of the lengths we can go to in order to comfort the afflicted and, above all, withhold harm from each other. Perhaps then, the first snowfall will be a joyful one for us all.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.