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Speak up about sexual assault

Photograph courtesy of Fibonacci Blue at Flickr
Photograph courtesy of Fibonacci Blue at Flickr

Two incidents of sexual assault were reported at Drexel University’s Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity recently, alleged to have happened between April 28 and May 4. Now, the fraternity has been suspended temporarily while an investigation is conducted.

Reports of incidents like this are sadly far too common in the United States. Prevention and awareness is necessary. Every 98 seconds someone is a victim of sexual violence, and only 20 percent of sexually assaulted female college students report their assault to law enforcement.

Seven reports of sexual assault have been made at Drexel since the beginning of March, but it is possible that many more have occurred without being reported.

Everyone has to be sure to look out for one another and listen when anyone has to speak up. Be a good friend and look out for others. Pay attention to any warning signs and listen when a friend needs to talk. Being aware and supportive can help prevent sexual assault and help anyone affected by it to cope with it.

Drexel’s Bystander Intervention Program is a promotion of the idea of preventing sexual violence by knowing warning signs of inappropriate behavior and when to intervene to prevent it from happening. This is important for everyone to know because awareness can decrease instances of violence on campus if everyone works together to act on it.

If a group of friends attend a large party at a place like a fraternity house, everyone has to stick together. Many instances of sexual assault happen when someone is alone and intoxicated with no ability to consent. Stick with friends and make sure they’re safe throughout the night.

Drexel is a community where every student should be able to learn and live in a safe environment. Being aware of ways to prevent violence and being understanding of anyone who has faced it will continue to help improve campus life and push Drexel forward.

Sexual assault happens, and it is a problem that nobody should ignore. Be an active member of the Drexel community by looking out for yourself and others. Don’t be a bystander because somebody could need your help. On campus, all we have is each other.