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Stay Connected: Expo 2020 Dubai

During the evolving COVID-19 pandemic we have learned how easy and simultaneously difficult it is to have people from all around the world join you in one place, on one screen, within a click of a few buttons. 2020 has brought numerous advancements and innovations, as well as fear, anxiety and other challenges. However, there is a way to experience and recreate the tradition of physically bringing people back together — from all over the world and in one place.

There is something magical and powerful about making connections, participating in a global exchange and meeting people from different parts of the world — something that humans have probably lost touch with since the quarantining and social distancing changed the way people live and connect.

As a young student majoring in Global Studies, I have the opportunity to share an experience with my peers that I believe will open numerous doors and bring new achievements in their life. The Expo 2020 Dubai is a program that unites youth ambassadors and cultural performers while representing a nation on the global podium. For students in the United States, we are given the chance to apply for either position where if chosen, we will represent the United States on a global and public platform.

People from the Expo believe “These energetic, friendly individuals will serve as the faces of the United States to millions of Expo visitors, provide a human connection to the United State and its territories and reflect its geographic and cultural diversity.” It can be extremely empowering to represent an entire nation as a young person, especially as a student and could also re-instill the feeling of personal connection that most of us have been lacking for several months now.

Our generation and the younger generations following in our footsteps are and will be the faces of our country in the years to come. We are going to be the politicians, doctors, teachers and laborers that run and advance this country. Therefore, we must connect. We are being given the opportunity to build relationships and feed our creativity the tools. Gaining valuable life and work involvement, networking, and preparing for our futures in one place are all possibilities that Expo 2020 can provide for us.

I wholeheartedly invite all students to join me in giving this experience a chance; a chance to exercise practices, tools, and skills to grow as an individual both professionally and emotionally.

From a geographic perspective, the “United Arab Emirates projects to have 30 [percent] of visitors from the UAE and 70 [percent] from other countries” in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Imagine yourself as an individual who either performs or represents the United States in the World Fair in front of countries that will also have individuals with the same interest as you. You are being given the perfect scenario to find other individuals who can help build your network and expand your knowledge. The Expo will be a place that recognizes potential, innovation, invention and inspiration. Those who attend will have the power to change the future, as well as gain insight from others of different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and so on.

As the leaders of this exciting opportunity say: “Expos are the festivals of culture, technology, and innovations of countries.”

I think it would be extremely beneficial to any Drexel student’s future, no matter their major, to join the Expo. It would be amazing to see an engagement of students and individuals of all cultures and backgrounds because we are all the faces of the world. We are the future.