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To the ones we don’t thank enough | The Triangle

To the ones we don’t thank enough

Comic by Alexander Gray

As fall term draws to a close, we usually take this time to thank our loved ones for keeping us from tearing our hair out all year long. But this year, we decided to take a minute to thank everybody else — the people who play an essential role in keeping The Triangle afloat, and never seem to get much credit for it.

First, we want to thank the folks at Engle Printing, who are responsible for making sure that these words get inked at all. Your kindness, patience and understanding doesn’t go unnoticed around here. We’re lucky to have you.

We also want to thank The Gator, our six-wheeled John Deere diesel dream machine, for never giving out when we need to get the papers onto the stands. Well, almost never.

There is also, of course, our advisor — and our friend — Ron Bishop. Thank you for always being there when we need you.

Thank you to the nice man who helps us unload the papers every Friday morning. We don’t know you very well, but we appreciate you.

A hearty thanks to Fox Broadcasting Co. for bringing back the X-Files for an eleventh season. We, too, think the truth is out there.

Thanks to our editor-in-chief’s mom, for always letting us know when something looks goofy on the website or when the crossword puzzle is too easy. You’re a gem, Mrs. Vitale.

We would be remiss not to tip our hat to Drexel professor Robert Zaller, who has surely contributed to us longer than anybody else. We’re not sure how long it’s been, because his articles pre-date our website, but it’s definitely a while. Thanks for sticking with us, professor.

Thank you to Vine, for bringing seven-second intervals of laughter to our lives whenever our printer is jammed on production night and we’re on the brink of tears. (No thank you to whoever shut Vine down. Not cool.)

Kudos also to the quad, just for being open. We were getting a little too much exercise walking around it during the construction.

There are certainly many more people and entities we should thank that we are too tired to remember. But all jokes aside, this year has brought challenges that we never anticipated. We have suffered losses and run headfirst into hurdles that were taller than all of us combined. But, as we have for nearly 92 years, we have come out of it alive and in print. To the family and friends who wear foam fingers with our names on them, always cheering us on from the the sidelines, we love you more than free pizza. And that’s really saying something.

A toast — to carrying each other over the finish line, this year and all the ones after that.

For 2017, signing off.


The Triangle Editorial Board