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Letters to the Editor

I am writing to you about the importance and pressures of kids attending college. In today’s society, kids are more pressured by more outside influences than they were before. A couple years ago, kids were not told they that had to go to college and didn’t have to worry about being able to find a job if they didn’t have a college degree. Even if a kid goes to college, there is never a guarantee that this will ensure them a job when they get out of college. For some people, it won’t be worth it for them to go to college to find a job. Some colleges charge $40,000-$55,000 a year for students regardless of their major or career track. Some majors will only average $30,000 a year once out of college. So why do colleges charge so much for some people that may not be able to pay off their debt to the college for eight or more years? Why do people feel the need to tell their kids or friends or relatives that they must go to college or they won’t get a good job?

I feel as though kids in college should have the option of paying for college depending on what their major will be. If a student’s income after college is going to be significantly less than what other people will make, why should he/she have to pay the same amount? A doctor is a well paying job, so it makes sense to charge higher tuition, but someone like a musician may not have their music become profitable for a couple years. Colleges should work more with students to adjust the required amount they must pay for their education. This would help kids stay out of debt when they get out of college and also help making college an easier decision for kids; they should not succumb to peer pressure by family and friends.


Scott Huller

Freshman, Chemical Engineering