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Lessons learned while at Drexel | The Triangle

Lessons learned while at Drexel

Roberto Salome


In just a few short days, some of us will be graduating. While we have all chosen different majors and concentrations, attending Drexel has unified us all in more ways than one. We have all learned some of the same invaluable lessons that can only be acquired at this University.

1. The ability to improvise is a valuable life skill that Drexel graduates have attained during their time here. The amount of construction on campus has continued to increase, but we have learned to find alternate ways to classes, places to study with the noise, and ways to enjoy the little bit of the quad that is left. Improvisation also comes from the taking of tests on wooden slabs in an auditorium — I hear it builds character. But even with all these suboptimal conditions, you have learned that minor inconveniences are everywhere. They are easy to surpass if you allow yourself the chance to focus on the goal at hand: ignoring any distractions.

2. High tuition prices have hopefully motivated Drexel students to make the most of the education being offered. Drexel is not the school to attend if you want to party it up, fail out and pay loans over the next 10 years. If the tuition does not make an impact on you, then prices at the bookstore surely will. When you buy a textbook in the store, it loses its value the second you walk out of MacAlister, a concept that you should keep in mind when you go off to buy your first car.

3. Handling a fast-paced lifestyle is crucial to success here. If you made it this far, you have successfully learned how to manage the 10-week terms. Being able to do things quickly and effectively is all part of time management, the single most critical skill to have in today’s world.

Drexel has a lot to offer, and I hope that you have managed to take advantage of it. While at times it was rough, know that all of it has positively impacted your life. If you are an underclassman reading this, know that the path to the graduation is not an easy one, but in the end, your Drexel struggles will be worthwhile.


Roberto Salome is a senior majoring in computer engineering and can be reached at [email protected].