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How to Talk to Your Parents About Politics | The Triangle

How to Talk to Your Parents About Politics

As we enter this new age of unknown, politics has become more and more important. Many young people are casting their ballot whether that be in person or by mail. Something that has never been easy for me is political conversations with my family. I am sure many college students are in the same boat. Once you go to school, hop on Instagram or just have a conversation with another student, you can learn so much. Our parents may not have the same beliefs or opinions, but we can try to discuss ours without offending them.

First off, avoid anyone saying phrases like “You’re wrong” or “Are you *insult here*?” Especially avoid raising your voice. Despite how frustrating it may be, they are listening to what you have to say, even if it doesn’t seem that way. That type of behavior can escalate the situation.

Second, active listening is an important skill for anyone to have. While it may seem like your parents are baffled at your new views, carry on the conversation. Even if you do not agree with their points, saying things like “okay,” “alright” or even affirmative nodding works to show you care about what they say. It is hard for parents to see the child they raised suddenly adopt different values and views, so showing them you still hear them is important.

Finally, bring up certain topics slowly. Throwing in too much content can overwhelm the conversation and end up with you getting shut down by your parents. Every now and then introduce new topics, hear their thoughts and then follow with your ideology. Allow them to make any comments, but don’t lose hope because you are still educating them even if they seem to be rejecting it.

Especially this year, I have had many conversations with my parents regarding this. It was frustrating getting constantly shut down with “you’re too young, I wish the world was perfect too”. And there it is, the power Generation Z has: we are naive and excited for change. We haven’t completely lost hope for the future!