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How our organization has adapted over the year

On March 12, 2020 — a year ago today — President John Fry sent out a university-wide email announcing that the classes at the start of spring term would be remote. At the time, there was still hope that we would return to campus in Week Five of spring.


Instead, the pandemic shut down our campus for months and changed our lives. As COVID-19 spread across the world, our own worlds shrunk, confining us to bedrooms and Zoom boxes. We adjusted to quarantine as the new norm — not just in our classes, but every aspect of our lives.


At The Triangle, this meant big changes. It meant our weekly staff meetings and production nights were moved out of office space and onto Zoom and Slack. Instead of collaborating in-person, it meant coordinating via chat messages. It meant publishing articles online instead of delivering them to stands and students’ hands by the dragon statue. Most importantly, it meant that, for over a year, we were no longer printing our paper.


Instead of our April Fools’ Edition, it meant shuttering in and staying remote. Instead of our spring editions, it meant staying safe and avoiding physical interaction. What was once a bi-weekly print newspaper became an entirely digital newspaper. A campus tradition that relied and prided itself on in-person rituals had to change its entire narrative — and for some of our newest Dragons, this is even the first time you are reading us.That fact is also why we are so happy moving forward.


We are pleased to announce that on March 12 the Drexel Triangle will be returning to stock newspaper stands with a special print edition. Be sure to go to the academic buildings and dorms tomorrow to pick it up!  


With the print edition set to come out this week, the Triangle hopes to get the newspaper out to those who don’t like to read online and prefer paper. At the Triangle we have multiple writers who speak on important events and issues, and the print edition only further gives our writers the chance to have their voices heard. Of course, if you’re unable to get the print edition, the articles will still be available to read online.


We’ve come a long way and have a clear path forward, but we can’t afford to relax until the storm has fully passed. During this spring break, remember that the virus’ spread is still alive and well. Remember to keep wearing a mask, avoid large gatherings and pay attention to your state restrictions. Take proper precautions when going out and pay attention to vaccination openings. Do your part to put this pandemic to end, so that spring term of 2022 can be even brighter.