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Give it a try and apply!

The Triangle has been Drexel’s independent student newspaper since 1926 – that’s over 90 years of printing a paper every Friday. We’re now wrapping up our winter recruitment cycle, but you still have time to join! Applications will be open until the end of the day Jan.19. You might be thinking to yourself, “I have no interest in writing, I don’t want to get involved.” Well, that’s a common misconception. While writing is a large part of what we do here at The Triangle, it’s far from the only thing.

As the independent student newspaper, it’s entirely up to us to fund our operations. You might be surprised to find out we don’t take SAFAC money or any other funding from Drexel. Everything we do is supported by our sales team who work with both local and national businesses to create advertising campaigns for our paper, our finance team who keeps track of all our money, and our marketing team who ensures we’re getting the right content into the hands of our readers — you!

We’re nearly two decades into the 21st century, and that means that publishing online is a big part of our operation; we’re not just a print newspaper anymore. To make our digital strategy possible, we have an IT team that writes all the software you use when you visit, manages the servers to deliver all those web pages and maintains the infrastructure to keep all our internal tools and processes running. Our IT team is always expanding in scope and takes on new, cutting-edge projects every day.

Our newest section, the comic section, is just a few weeks old but has made a huge splash on campus. Who doesn’t love AJ the Dragon? If you think you might have the talent to draw or you can make decent jokes, come join our comics team and share your talents with the student body.

We can’t just pull random photos and put them in the paper, which is why we have a team of photographers ready to snap events around campus. If you enjoy event photography, sports photography, concert photography or anything like those, you’ll feel right at home on our photo team.

The copy editing team is the group that ensures we’re putting out only the highest quality of work. They check all spelling and grammar, verify the facts presented in articles and review each page of the paper for mistakes before they’re sent to the printer. If you want to learn how to improve your writing skills, working with the copy editors is a great place to start.

Reading the paper, it might look like it’s an effortless job but it takes the work of over 90 student staff members to put it together every week. The greatest thing about The Triangle, and what separates it from other student organizations on campus, is that it’s not just a group of people all doing similar jobs. Work at The Triangle can vary wildly, but it’s the only place on campus where you can collaborate with people across a wide variety of majors to produce a single, professional product every week. If you join The Triangle, we can guarantee you’ll learn valuable and marketable skills that you won’t get from the classroom.

Think you might be interested in joining our team? Visit for more information.