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Get prepared for flu season

Let’s talk shots.

Not tequila shots or Jell-o shots or even delicious “breakfast shots” (look it up, they seriously taste like IHOP’s Free Pancake Day).

What we’re talking about are flu shots, and even though they can be a pain, we feel that preventing the flu is something we just have to remind people to do.

“The flu? Yeah, that’s literally the last thing on my mind.”

We know that when you’re in college, a tiny virus that can’t be seen isn’t really as important as the stacks of term papers and social obligations that are all visible aspects of your daily life. But the flu is something that we as students need to take very seriously — and not just because having the flu just plain stinks. As an already stressed-out and sleep-deprived student, a bout with the flu can knock you out for quite a long time.

“Aw man, but I don’t care if I get the flu. I’ll just sleep it off. I’m strong and healthy.”

Well then do it for your friends. In our world of communal bathrooms, tripled rooms and tight classrooms, we share a lot of germs and viruses. That’s pretty much the nature of a college campus, and with the amount of sick swapping we do, getting a flu shot is just common courtesy. Realistically, it will help strengthen the entire Drexel community against a winter with runny noses.

Keeping proper flu prevention methods in mind will also help to keep you and your friends from catching something nasty. Remember to wash your hands often — the easiest way to prevent the spreading of the flu (and other germs and viruses) is to wash regularly with soap and hot water. It’s also important to cover your mouth when coughing and wash your clothes frequently.

But most importantly, get a flu shot. Keep an eye on DrexelOne for information about upcoming clinics on campus. In addition, the Drexel Convenient Care Center, located in the Shops at Liberty Place at 16th and Chestnut streets, has cheap seasonal flu shots with no appointment necessary. Inconvenient as it may be, a flu shot is one of the best ways to keep your grades, your friends and yourself healthy.