The Triangle gets a face lift | The Triangle

The Triangle gets a face lift

It’s a new year and we have a new look. Going into 2015 we wanted to push The Triangle to become a modern newspaper. Our newspaper has been redesigned frequently since its inception in 1926.

Over the course of the fall term our design team experimented with graphic design concepts throughout the paper to convey news more effectively, both visually and textually.

After a term of experimentation, we went through a process of rewriting our visual style guide in preparation for a new and improved paper starting in 2015. The result was an update of our print visuals and soon, an update to our visual presence online.

The most immediately obvious change is to our front page banner, which now lacks the triangular seal inspired by that of Drexel University. The most important part of our identity at The Triangle is our editorial independence; we raise all of our funding from advertising and receive no money from Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee. This affords us a greater amount of freedom in what we publish than most other college newspapers. In our redesign of the banner, we removed the references to the Drexel seal (which were added in the previous redesign in 2007) to emphasize that fact. We also changed to a more angular typeface to reflect the angular nature of our namesake shape, the triangle. We have retained our old tagline in spirit, adding “since 1926” to emphasize our age, because we feel we should celebrate being the oldest continuous student organization on campus.

Another big update we made was changing our typefaces. Having strong fonts and typography as a whole is very important for a newspaper because it helps with legibility and creating a coherent visual system, both of which are essential to effective storytelling in both print and online publications. We updated our fonts to classic newspaper fonts for clarity in print, web and mobile design, allowing us to keep our presence consistent across all the platforms we publish on.

Our paper is still in the process of continuous change. Expect to see more new and exciting design concepts in coming weeks and features like you’ve never seen before in Drexel University’s independent student newspaper, since 1926.