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Representing Drexel at the Olympics and Beyond

After four years, we finally get to experience the excitement of the Summer Olympics again. And this year’s Olympics in London are more exciting than ever for us Dragons, as one of our own, Stephen Kasprzyk from the class of 2005, will be rowing for the U.S. men’s eight boat.

This is only the latest of many recent accomplishments for the Drexel crew program. The Dragons placed second overall at this year’s Dad Vail Regatta, and the men’s varsity eight appeared in the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta in June. When an athletic program’s current and former rowers earn international publicity simultaneously like this, it becomes clear even to people who hardly pay any attention to college rowing that the program is a reliable and consistent source of excellence.

Of course, Drexel’s accomplishments throughout the world extend far beyond athletics, and this year’s Olympics are also a testament to that. Behind the scenes, the public relations team at the games will be joined by Stephanie Takach, a recent Drexel graduate and former news editor for The Triangle. Her selection for a highly coveted, albeit volunteer, position says a great deal about the value of a Drexel education, especially the co-op program.

It’s an honor for our University to have any representation at all at a high-profile event like the Olympics. Events like this are an opportunity to draw attention to less-publicized global endeavors in which Drexel is leading the way, such as the University’s research partnerships with institutions in China, Israel and Turkey.

These partnerships seek solutions to the most urgent problems in public health, environmental sustainability and other fields in which success is crucial to maintaining our way of life. Without these solutions, there might come a day within our lifetime when conditions are so catastrophic that major sporting events like the Olympics aren’t even possible.

Like the Olympians who work tirelessly in pursuit of excellence in their respective sports, let us all apply our greatest effort to all the work we do in the world as representatives of Drexel University. We may not win medals for our accomplishments, but we’ll help to ensure that we can enjoy sports and other nonessential pleasures we take for granted for years to come.