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Get involved with the Campus Master Plan

In case you haven’t noticed, change is in full swing here at Drexel’s University City Campus. And sometimes, change can be annoying. With the lack of open space in the quad due to the new LeBow building and only one crosswalk leading into Creese and MacAlister because of the Chestnut Street Development, it’s been a frustrating year to get around on campus.

Students have been vocal about their dislike of the predominant construction on campus. But simply complaining about the issues will not lead to more convenient routes around campus or less invasive construction practices.

President Fry held one of four “First Look” sessions May 21 in order to give the Drexel community a chance to get a preview of all the things that are going to happen in the next five years. In typical Drexel fashion, less than 10 students showed up. With all the complaints we hear about the Campus Master Plan from fellow students, it is surprising that more people did not attend.

If we are all going going to complain, we should be doing it in the proper forum. The Drexel administration takes the time to set up these events and be available to hear our comments, so we should take advantage of them. We are part of this campus, and we all have to live through its changes. We might as well offer productive suggestions as to how the construction can be more bearable.

President Fry announced via email that he will hold two more of these sessions in the near future. One will take place May 30 at the Center City Campus at 3:30 p.m., and the final one is scheduled for May 31 at the Queen Lane Campus at 4:30. Take advantage of these opportunities, especially the Center City session if you are can make it, and become involved in the changes that are happening around you.