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Our commitment to the public | The Triangle

Our commitment to the public

As an organization that was formed in 1926, The Triangle has cycled through many leaders during its existence. Lucky, The Triangle forefathers decided to write a Constitution to ensure there was order to the organization.

Even today, we still rely on this document to guide us. However, with Drexel University’s quick pace, we are constantly reminded how important this document and communication are with an ever changing staff. This is why we rely on open communication within our organization.

Our staff is responsible for making this paper possible. Without an open line of communication, there would be no paper. Open communication means that we spend a lot of time in The Triangle offices, we’re constantly emailing one another and we show up as a favorite contact on each other’s phone.

One of the great things about this open communication is that we are always open to new members. Drexel offers classes all year round so we are always open to new recruits. New members are not treated as low level employees; we treat every member of The Triangle with respect.

We feel that open communication is not only good for our organization, but for the student body in general. Drexel is constantly in communication with students; blowing up their inboxes all the time, enough so that the noise can block out the important information. This information can include new classes to register for, importance announcements about your information being leaked, or, recently, important news from your student government.

This is why The Triangle is making a commitment to keep you, the student body, more informed about the actions of your elected student government. Our last article, prior to fall term 2014, on USGA was in February 2014 and before that, September of 2011. Clearly it’s time to pick up the pace.

An informed student body is a more active student body. The Editorial Board encourages students to be more active in their student government. It’s your hard-earned tuition dollars at work to make Drexel what it is, why not have more of a say in it?