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Your guide to Family Weekend

Comic by Alexander Gray

Nov. 10-12 marks Drexel University’s Family Weekend. Make your bed, hide that bottle graveyard, erase any inappropriate messages your roommates may have left you on that shared whiteboard and most of all — don’t panic. The Editorial Board has so many suggestions of how you can entertain your parents this weekend, that they’ll almost start to believe those absurd Drexel bills are worth it.

Stop the groaning and save the eye rolls because you have a lot to show off this weekend. Campus itself is brimming with impressive features, and don’t forget about all of the brag-worthy attractions of Center City.

Think about your favorite parts of campus, and be your family’s own personal tour guide. The plant wall in the Papadakis Integrated Science Building is sure to elicit some impressive sighs, and it’s a must to snap a family photo by Mario, of course. Don’t forget about some other hidden gems on campus like the Rush Building Alumni Garden, or the rooftop lounge at the Cira Center! Wherever you’re going, make sure to get there by walking through Drexel’s new and improved Korman Quad! If that’s not something to show off, then we don’t know what is.

You can even lead your tour towards the Spring Garden Street Bridge to rub in that jaw-dropping skyline view. And Boathouse Row and the Philadelphia Art Museum are just steps away, and are both perfect places to spend time with your family.

Your mini tour may leave your stomach growling, but thankfully, University City is home to many delicious dining options your parents will be sure to love. Sabrina’s Cafe, Zavino, Landmark Americana and White Dog Cafe are always family favorites, but if the waits get too long, don’t be afraid of settling for a food truck — your family will be getting the true Drexel experience then. And, if your family doesn’t mind the ride of course, take them to Center City, Philadelphia’s true hub of endless eats, to avoid the inevitable swarms of other hungry families.

While you’re down there, roam around City Hall, venture through Reading Terminal Market, and check out some of the museums, like the Academy of Natural Sciences. In honor of Family Weekend, general admission tickets are only $10.95, and Drexel students can get in for free like always.

And if you’re still not sure what to do, check out the Family Weekend schedule Drexel has already planned. But before you scoff, the events are actually worth getting excited for.

On Friday, the Department of Physics is inviting families for an observation session on top of the Main Building with the largest telescope in Philadelphia. Friday night will also be the first home game of the season for the Drexel men’s basketball team. Take your family to the tailgate hosted by CAB, the DAC Pack and The Good Idea Fund, and embrace our lack of a football team. If your family brings their Family Weekend schedule, they’ll get in for free!

On Saturday, you can take the Mural Arts Trolley tour to admire the city’s remarkable collection of murals. You can also participate in a self-guided scavenger hunt throughout the day in Center City or Old City. And what better way to end the day than with a Casino Night in the Main Building?

Check out the Family Weekend schedule to see the full list of fun Drexel has planned.

Whatever you choose to do, your family will just be happy to know that you’re alive and have (just barely) survived the craziness of the first seven weeks of fall quarter. Forget about the madness of those last minute midterms, stacks of essays you have to write and the dreaded co-op search, and just enjoy being with your family.