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Change is inevitable | The Triangle

Change is inevitable

President John F. Kennedy quoted, “Change is the law of life. Those who look only in the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

The global pandemic has brought unforeseen changes in all of our lives. We have spent our quarantine days worrying about the misfortune that has clung to our nerve-racking minds. However, for a minute, I encourage all of you to be optimistic and look for the tangible opportunities we were gifted. We have been given a chance to spend quality time with our loved ones, time we may not have if we were engaged in our daily lives as we were before COVID-19.

Many of us were living in a “fantasy bubble” that ultimately got burst by a teeny-weeny virus. This virus pushed us to turn ourselves headstrong and pragmatic about things revolving around us. The most important thing is that we took the initiative to acknowledge the tiny valuable moments of our lives and cherish them, which we would have ignored if everything was the same as before.

From a very young age, most of us dream of perfection with open eyes and sketch the roadmap in our minds. But beauty disappears in seconds and life takes us on a different track. What if we stop chasing our happiness and give up on our expectations? I haven’t stopped dreaming, but I have learned to feel every emotion. We can compare ourselves to an ignorant child, who only enjoys the sweets and is reluctant to eat the chilies. On the other hand,  a realized soul enjoys both prosperities and miseries in life. Therefore, it is only ignorance, which inhibits the art of enjoyment. God created this world with happiness and misery. Until we taste the misery, we don’t know to appreciate the sweetness of true happiness.

Change is inevitable, but you have the option of accepting it and growing with it. Motivate yourselves during these tough hours of life because one day it will be the past that you overcame.

The ones who were resilient and let go of their worries have understood that life is full of problems. We get to the solution if we look at it as an opportunity.

Don’t let the negativity consume you.