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Best places to take graduation photos on campus

Photo by Isabella Mancini | The Triangle

Graduation is just around the corner, and with final exams, presentations and projects consuming the brain of every Drexel senior, pictures are probably the last thing most of us have been thinking about. However, documenting this milestone achievement with pictures will be something we can hold onto for years to come, unlike the grade we received on the last homework assignment we just turned in. To make it easier for us, I have compiled a quick guide of the best places to take senior portraits and graduation pictures on Drexel’s campus. So grab your caps and gowns, some glitter and champagne bottles: it is time to capture this moment and remember it forever!

Starting off strong, the Mario statue, located at the corner of 33rd and Market, is a Drexel University landmark. What better way to announce your graduation from the university than a picture with our beloved mascot! Maybe you have had your picture taken in front of the statue way back when you toured the university, or from your first few days on campus during freshman year — this absolutely calls for a side-by-side “then and now” picture. 

Staying in the same area, head over to Constantine N. Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building and take a picture in front of the stunning biowall. If you are a biology major (or a biomedical engineering major, like myself), you have definitely spent a majority of the last 4 or 5 years in the PISB lecture halls, classrooms or the Saxby’s. The lighting in front of the biowall is amazing, and in my opinion, coming in to take your picture after the sun has gone down is the secret to the perfect picture. 

The Drexel University sign on Market St. outside of University Crossings Apartments and the Drexel University Railway Bridge spanning Market and Chestnut Streets are great backdrops for photos. With the city skyline and the university logo, there is definitely no confusion where you spent the last several years! Just remember to be careful of oncoming traffic when trying to snap the picture if you plan to go all out and stand in the middle of the street. 

Main Building is a quintessential location for graduation photos, whether you pose by the outside of the building with the gorgeous exterior architecture or on the stairwell inside. As we get closer to graduation, the building is often decorated with banners and balloons to commemorate the graduating class. To add a little flair to your more sophisticated pictures, take a selfie with the statue of A.J. Drexel’s head!

Finally, make your way back to the freshman quad, where it all began. Take pictures in front of your old dorm building and soak in all the feelings of nostalgia and how much you have accomplished over the last several years. This was your first home away from home and the place you pulled your first all-nighter, stumbled in after late nights out, met your closest friends, and where it officially hit you that you were a college student.

Whether you plan to have professional pictures taken or it is just you and your friends with a tripod, don’t miss these iconic locations!