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Positive thinking, positive living

College is known for being a time for self-discovery. For most people, this means having control over parts of their life. The means of finding that control is simple: The Law of Attraction. The clearest way to understand this concept is that like attracts like. The most convenient part of this theory is its results depend entirely on your process of thinking. Once you become fully aware of your thoughts, you can drastically increase your level of happiness.

Metacognition is being aware of your thought process. Amidst the negativity and conflict present in our world, you are still in charge of the attitude you have towards yourself and the outside world. Most of the time when we dwell on negative thoughts, we don’t do it consciously. Once you create a meaningful connection with your own thoughts, the power you have over your future intensifies.

Essentially, The Law of Attraction allows you to re-center your priorities and make way for positivity. Drexel University’s 10-week terms leave no room for mistakes or self-reflection. However, I’m sure each student at Drexel can sacrifice 15 minutes of their day to think positive thoughts. Soon, you’ll realize that it’s healthier and more effective to keep a constant positive mindset.

I understand that you have to catch up on your Netflix shows and take naps in between classes, but I promise that spending time with your own mind is worth the sacrifice. You will soon realize that when you take on a positive perspective, you will attract even more positive thoughts and events. You will begin seeing things as you hope them to be and watch life slowly unfold in your favor.

Midterms are slowing creeping up on us and the anticipation can be worse than the actual exam. We all want to do well, and we all can. Imagine your ideal outcome not oversleeping, being prepared and getting a perfect score on each exam. Start visualizing it now and your goal will begin to feel within reach. Although this may be considered a self-fulfilling prophecy, being in touch with yourself and maintaining healthy optimism cannot do you any harm.

The main reason why The Law of Attraction is important is your self-awareness. If you think negatively, do not expect positive outcomes. Be aware that your thoughts directly affect your experiences.

Try it for a week. Block out negative reactions and emotions from your thought process. Identify what triggers your negative emotions and thoughts. See things as you would hope them to be and guide your mind in that direction. Apply your positive thinking to your actions. Whether we can prove it or not, the world is interconnected. If you pull a positive string in your brain, the positivity will come back to you.

Although this method of thinking may not work for everyone, it’s an effective exercise to get to know your mind and attempt to achieve a general sense of well-being. Don’t get me wrong, solely relying on your positive thoughts to bring you success is not enough. But positivity is the building block of every success story.