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A quick response to a student in crisis

Media swarmed around the Nov. 22 arrest of Drexel sophomore Greg Porter in Cairo, who was among three American college students arrested for allegedly throwing firebombs at Egyptian police forces off the top of an American University building. This variety of confusing reports muddled the details of the arrest, and many students, faculty and other members of the Drexel community were concerned for Porter’s safety.

So when President Fry sent an email to the Drexel community Nov. 23, those close to Porter could breathe a sigh of relief. The message informed recipients that the University was in contact with the Egyptian authorities, the American University, the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Department of State.

Fry notified the Drexel public that the three students had been questioned by Egyptian authorities, were safe and that no charges had been filed. These details were frequently missed by many major news sources and were definitely appreciated by those concerned for Porter’s safety.

At the end of his message, Fry assured the University public that his staff would continue to monitor the emerging situation and planned to keep in touch with the aforementioned authorities from the U.S. and Egypt.

The Editorial Board appreciates these detailed messages and up to-date information from the president. Whether it be an international crisis or a student death, they provide peace of mind to a close-knit campus that is concerned with the safety of its members.

They also show how deeply Fry and his staff care about Drexel students. It is nice to know that if something serious, late-breaking or otherwise important happens, there will be a message informing the University community of the event.

Recent Drexel student deaths prompted similar messages, which let students know that the administration was in close contact with the victims’ families. He reminded students of grief counseling resources for those dealing with the losses and ensured that the University was doing everything it could in these difficult situations.