Why will freshmen join your club? | The Triangle

Why will freshmen join your club?

Involvement is an integral part of the college experience. The Triangle asked students why they enjoyed being involved with their organizations and why they thought this year’s freshmen class would too. Here’s what they had to say.


Active Minds at Drexel University

“We work with pupils, professionals and puppies to bring mental health to campus!” —Anna Gibbons (Public Health)

Beta Theta Pi

“We give the opportunity to make your own path throughout college surrounded by brothers who want the same. We allow you to develop yourself into being the best man you can be.”—Drew Hovey (Architectural Engineering)


Drexel Anthropological Association

“The Drexel Anthropological Association is a new club starting out. Everything we do is making history, so why not be a part of that history! What a better way to meet people and by studying people!” —Lauren Gross (Anthropology)


Drexel Cru

Photo courtesy: Facebook
Photo courtesy: Facebook

“At Drexel Cru we believe that everybody matters and that everybody has a purpose; our goal is to make your Drexel experience as meaningful as possible.” —Matthew Teti (Criminal Justice)


Drexel Waifu Club

“Do you like Chinese cartoons? Do you have a Waifu? Are you new to the world of being an adult manchild? Come meet like-minded individuals and share your experience in a judgment-free safe space. We meet daily in the commuter lounge.” —Ben Smith (Finance)


Photo courtesy: Facebook.
Photo courtesy: Facebook.

Drexel Women’s Rugby Club

“Team sports are a great way to meet new people, get involved in the campus community and gain a sense of school spirit! Joining the Women’s Rugby Club opens up opportunities to learn about a fun sport and also connect with other Drexel students on a regular basis. It’s also badass.” —Allison Liu (Psychology)


Global China Connection

“If you are interested in Chinese culture, career development, leadership opportunities, or just all of them, join us! We are dedicated to connect Drexel students with Chinese culture and career opportunities. You can look us up on Facebook for future events.” —Su Wang (Accounting)


Harvest Christian Fellowship

“Whether you are a spiritual seeker, just beginning to ask questions about God, or a Christian wanting to deepen your faith, Harvest Christian Fellowship is a place where you can find spiritual help, community and encouragement. All are welcome!” —Joseph Zia (Software Engineering)


Japanese Undergraduate Student Association

“We have diverse events…we go on field trips, watch movies, play games, go to concerts—we learn the culture of Japan. I remember we had a sushi event where we learn how to make and roll our own sushi for us to eat.” —Kevin Mai (Computer Science)


Lemon League at Drexel University

“Drexel University Lemon League is a Drexel’s chapter of Alex’s Lemonade Stand. We serve to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research.” —Sonia Parikh (Business and Engineering)


Maya Literary Magazine

Photo courtesy: Facebook
Photo courtesy: Facebook

“Maya is a great club for anyone who enjoys writing, reading and/or art! As part of staff, you may review anonymous submissions that include poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art pieces. Each year, the club publishes an anthology of selected works in the Spring, which is released at an exclusive publication gala. You may also, without joining staff, assist the magazine by submitting pieces at any time in the year. We also host a contest each year that offers cash prizes for the best pieces in each category that are open to all Drexel students.” —Ann Haftl (Chemistry)


Phi Sigma Pi

“Since we’re a gender-inclusive honor fraternity, we’ve got members from almost every major and year at Drexel, and our members are experts in excelling academically and socially!” —Allison Frauenpreis (Computer Science)