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USGA advocates for affordable, acceptable student housing

The Undergraduate Student Government Association passed several new policy updates concerning communication, representation and accountability in residence buildings Jan. 28. They established a Student Housing Committee, which will include the President of the University, Dean of Student Life and Vice President of Facilities, as well as USGA members and other students. The goal of the committee is to improve housing affordability, equity and capacity with the structure of a ten-year plan, which has yet to be established.

They also created a position for an administrator to serve as a student-facing liaison between the undergraduate student body and American Campus Communities, a partner of Drexel that facilitated the development of university-affiliated housing in an effort to preserve the traditional college living experience as students progressed in their undergraduate education. The new administration aims to improve communication between students and American Campus Communities.

Addressing Gender-Inclusive Housing, a program created in 2016 to allow individuals to share living spaces regardless of gender or related identities, the USGA required the administration to create a way for residents to submit anonymous feedback about their experience. This feedback mechanism will be available for both residence halls and university-affiliated housing.

The last — and most widespread — residence policy calls upon the university to publish facilities reports for all residence halls to its website every year. These reports will not only hold Drexel accountable for maintenance issues but will also include any future plans for those buildings.

“The mission of the Undergraduate Student Government Association is to serve as the liaison between the undergraduate student body and the administration,” states the assembly resolution. The policies enacted clearly reflect this mission and amplify the student voice in Drexel’s housing process.