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Upperclassmen talk coffee

Photo courtesy: Julius Schorzman
Photo courtesy: Julius Schorzman

Coffee shops are in abundance here in the City of Brotherly Love. They can be a student’s best friend when it comes to sitting down and getting some work done. These places have all the best characteristics of a study buddy: they give an alternative to going to the library, have playlists on loop that conjure focus, and of course, supply a ready supply of food and caffeine. Consider these spots a go-to for studying when focusing in the Haggerty just isn’t happening, or the inevitable addiction to caffeinated beverages rears up.

Saxby’s is a comfortable coffee shop run by Drexel co-ops and located conveniently, near the freshman dorms.

There are three Starbucks within four blocks of each other on Arch Street. One below Summit, one on the corner of Arch and Chestnut Streets, and one on the corner of Arch and Walnut Streets. Not to mention the Starbucks off the lobby of Gerri C. Lebow Hall where students can caffeinate and settle in down to study in the same building.

Walnut Street offers a good variety of coffee shops as well. Good Karma Cafe (cross 22nd Street) provides cheap bottomless coffee, free WiFi and great music. In the other direction, on the cross street of 38th Street, the University of Pennsylvania’s bookstore also provides a calming atmosphere where students can settle down at tables within the bookstore to study.