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Triangle Talks with Michelle Silberman

ChocAmo Cookie Cups is a startup company created by Drexel alumnus Michelle Silberman. It launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for production costs on Oct. 28, which will be open until Nov. 30. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity and style.

The Triangle: Could you describe your company?

Michelle Silberman: We’re an innovative dessert company, and our flagship product is the cookie cup. It is a cookie cup comprised of a cookie shell, on the inside it has dark chocolate or cream cheese frosting, and the inspiration was cookies and milk with a modern twist.

We’ve been growing the company, we have a lot of undergrad Close School of Entrepreneurship students working with us, which is amazing. We just got into the new Whole Foods on Pennsylvania Avenue and 22nd Street, and we launched a Kickstarter campaign.

We have two cookie cups available — our flagship classic and the mini. The industry was really begging us to go the mini route, so we made the mini completely by hand.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign so that we can afford new equipment and skilled production to mass produce the mini, so we can get it to more retailers like Whole Foods across the country and other caterers and event planners, so we can really lower the cost. Labor is the biggest part of the cost now.

TT: Are you mainly in Philadelphia?

MS: Yeah, but we have gotten orders all across the country. We’re only doing U.S. shipping, but we’ve shipped all across the United States. But we bake in Philly and we’re based in Philly. We’re definitely a Philly-foodie company.

Students can donate to the Kickstarter campaign at