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Triangle Talks with Hannah Bofinger

Hannah Bofinger, a senior chemistry major, recently won Female Athlete of the Year for club sports.

Triangle Talks: How long have you played field hockey?

Hannah Bofinger: I have played field hockey for 10 years. I started playing in middle school and continued throughout high school and college.

TT: How did you get involved in field hockey at Drexel?
HB: I loved playing field hockey so much in high school that when I found out I would be attending Drexel I immediately started researching on the Drexel websites if they had a club team. I found the club contact information and contacted the president at the time, Alisha Strayer, to find out more about the club and how I could join. After attending my first practice I loved the team and wanted to continue playing.

TT: What is your favorite aspect of the Drexel team?

HB: My favorite aspect of the club field hockey team is that not only did I get to play a sport that I love at a competitive level. I also had the opportunity to utilize and refine my leadership skills by becoming an officer.

TT: Can you recall your favorite memory from the team?

HB: My favorite memory from the team was making it to the fall championship in Virginia Beach, [Va.], my freshman year and scoring a goal versus Villanova [University].

TT: Did you hold any officer positions?

HB: I have held numerous officer positions of the club during my five years at Drexel. My sophomore and pre-junior years I was recruitment officer, my junior year I was secretary, and my senior year I was president.

TT: What other extracurricular activities and hobbies do you partake in?

HB: Along with participating in club field hockey, I am also a member of the American Chemical Society and a lifeguard at the recreation center.

TT: It is almost graduation, how do you feel about that? What are your goals after graduation?

HB: It is very surreal that time has flown by so fast and now after five years I will be graduating. I will miss college, but I am very eager to see what lies in the future for me. After graduation I will be working at Croda USA Inc. in their Graduate Trainee Program. Hopefully I will be able to make a difference in the chemical industry.

TT: If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

HB: If I had three wishes it would be one, that all of my student loans would go away, two, that I could live on an island in the Caribbean, and three, that I could meet Beyoncé.

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