The 2018 Orange Brick Awards | The Triangle

The 2018 Orange Brick Awards

The Early Retirement Award

to George Ciccariello-Maher, for resigning from his position at the University. Good luck at NYU.

The Not A Joke Award

to Drexel Admissions, for using our Rectangle article about accepting too many freshman as the basis for their admissions goals.

The Red Tape Award

to Student Life, for their endless forms and pa- perwork to do literally anything as a student organization.

The Best Umbrella Award

The Triangle Volume 93, Issue 29 for shielding students from the surprise rain storm last week.

The Best Food Truck Award

to Repair U. We’re not sure what kind of food you sell but we’re looking forward to trying it.

The Walking Dead Award

to Myers Hall, because just like the show this hall should have been cancelled years ago.

The Go Fund Me Award

to Drexel Alumni, we raised over 750 million dollars this year. We have no idea how you can afford that with a Drexel education.

The What Not To Wear Award

to the Drexel Smart Backpack. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to wear plaid after… well, ever.

The Best Drinks Award

to TKE. Oh how we miss your parties and jungle juice.

The Al Gore Award

to USGA, we haven’t seen an election mishap this bad since 2000.

The Sim City Award

to John Fry, for playing mayor with his Schuylkill Yards plan.

The Better Late Than Never Award

to the people planning the Korman Quad grand opening. The quad opened in November but the opening ceremony the other day was still nice.

The Last Choice Award

to M. Night Shamalamamananan, the twist: he wants to be here just as little as you do.

God’s Choice Award

to the Bible Believers, for speaking the true word of the Lord and reminding us we shouldn’t partake in pornography and “m-bating”.

The If A Tree Falls in the Woods Award

to Robert Zaller

The Krusty Krab Unfair Award

to The Drexel Socialists for their work in demanding $15/hour for the lowest-skilled jobs.