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The Board and Brew wants you to eat, drink and game all day long

Photograph by Isabella Mancini for The Triangle.

The Board and Brew has recently opened near Chestnut and 32nd Street in hopes of providing a new space for students to “#eatdrinkgame,” as said by General Manager and Drexel Alumni, Mark Robuck.

Robuck explained how, at The Board and Brew, the environment creates an atmosphere which encourages socialization with great hospitality. Robuck said that this is something that has been lacking in recent years with the dependence on cell phones in social settings.

“You look up from your phone, and they’re either looking at their phone or planning to, and there’s not as much social interaction. So what do we use to get around that? Excellent food, award-winning coffee, a craft cocktail menu, a craft beer menu, along with wines and tah da da da! Board games!” Robuck said.

He said playing games with friends is a unique social interaction which combats the barrier phones have been creating. They aim to add the “one-on-one conversation aspect,” back into going out for dinner or drinks with friends.

The restaurant, which has both a downstairs and spacious upper level, houses over 500 board games that are available to rent for $5 for unlimited games. Robuck said that they hope to collect 750 games over the time they are open in University City. There is also an option for patrons to bring their own games to the restaurant.

Robuck wanted to have a place where an individual could play a new game every single day. He added that, upon request, The Board and Brew will seek out any games they do not have in their library that a customer may want.

The Board and Brew will be hosting themed nights in the near future. These will include “Meet-Up Mondays” that will use the app “Meet-Up,” which publicizes activities to do in the area to encourage customers to meet new people and play games at the restaurant.

They will also have tournaments on Tuesdays, which will have both weekly prizes and seasonal prizes. Wednesdays are wine with card games, and Thursdays will be trivia nights. Robuck also included that Sundays offer a half-off discount to family and friends of staff members when they game and dine together.

Robuck said that in the three weeks they have been open, there are already regulars who have been enjoying The Board and Brew’s menu and several board games. He added that they offer punch cards which are being utilized by groups and students who have made this restaurant their new spot on campus.

“Friday night, we have a group of 15 or 20 who come in … They want to be here every Friday, they have a blast with it, too!” Robuck said.

Menu items stay within the American pub food style with a few exceptions, such as a falafel and hummus platter, and the dish Robuck especially highlighted — the pesto chicken. He also added that the breakfast menu runs from open to close.

As for drinks, Robuck described the menu as being, “traditional with a twist.” The Board and Brew has several coffees — including a Kyoto cold brew — which takes 24 hours to make. They also have traditional coffees, espressos and teas.

“These are single-origin, unique coffees that we really care about,” Robuck added.

The Board and Brew also offers several alcoholic beverages. As of right now, the menu has beers, wine and cocktails which will most likely be unveiled this Friday.

Robuck closed in saying how much he appreciates being a part of the Drexel community and wants to add to the student life with The Board and Brew which provides a space for gaming, studying and just having a “good, wholesome time.”