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SHARP and USGA partner up to provide hygiene kits | The Triangle

SHARP and USGA partner up to provide hygiene kits

Photo by Rae Sattar | USGA

Sanitation Health Aid Relief Project is a student organization at Drexel University dedicated to addressing water, sanitation and hygiene issues, locally in Philadelphia and internationally. In a recent collaboration with the Undergraduate Student Government Association’s Civic Engagement committee, SHARP organized a kit-packing event to contribute to the hygienic needs of marginalized populations.

During the event at the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement, attendees prepared hygiene kits containing “essential supplies that support dignity and health” according to Joelyne Jacob, civic engagement chair of USGA. 

Items included soap, sanitary napkins, toothbrushes, socks and more. Recognizing the diverse needs of recipients, SHARP ensured that kits were tailored for everybody.

In total, 105 hygiene kits will be donated to the Center for Hope in Philadelphia, an organization working to support individuals experiencing homelessness in their journey toward self-sufficiency through rehabilitation and education.

The event was about more than just kit-packing, as attendees had the opportunity to hear from Prayag Shah, a speaker from the Maternal and Child Health Student Organization, about maternal health issues and news from the organization. 

“We look forward to making this an annual event and hope to inspire more students to join us in promoting sanitary aid and menstrual equity for marginalized groups within our community,” said Jacob.

In previous years, SHARP directed its efforts toward international organizations to address global sanitation and health challenges. This year’s event was made possible by Rebecca Lefevre, associate director for Student Engagement, who allowed SHARP access to the Lindy Center.

SHARP organizes various events ranging from volunteering initiatives to fun activities such as soap-making and macrame.

Students who want to contribute to SHARP’s future community outreach events can stay connected through their Instagram account,,  USGA, @drexelusga  and @lindycenter.