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Security upgraded for campus Internet

The Drexel community received an email notification Sept. 27 that all DragonFly3 users had to update their wireless network settings using the DragonFly3 Installation Wizard before Sept. 30 in order to avoid losing service.

During the week of Sept. 25, the Office of Information Resources and Technology installed a new annual security certificate, which created the need for students to install the Dragonfly3 wizard.

This year the certificate vendor for Drexel’s wireless changed the name of the authority that the certificates reference, Kenneth Blackney, associate vice president for Core Technology Infrastructure, explained.

“Since our computers all reference the old name in their configurations, they had to be reconfigured,” Blackney said. “Rather than making everyone do that manually, Drexel purchased a new tool to automate the process.”

Most of the University’s Internet users have shifted to DragonFly3, according to Blackney, for a total count of over 4,900 users. This is compared to a mere 290 on the slower DragonFly2, Blackney said after conducting a user count Oct. 5.

“The same tool we used Sept. 30 was used earlier this fall for new students, who found it to be very quick and easy,” Blackney said. “Last year there were lines at our help desk for people needing assistance to get on DragonFly3. However, this year there weren’t.”

The wireless access points that make up DragonFly3 belong exclusively to Drexel University and are connected to Drexel’s wired network as a desktop computer or printer is, Blackney explained.

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