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DU Sacramento names new director

Michael W. Marion will serve as Drexel University Sacramento’s new executive director and associate vice provost beginning July 1.

Marion has been a member of Drexel Sacramento’s adjunct faculty for the past year, where he has taught students in the Master of Sciences in higher education program. Currently, he is the dean of student services and counseling at Cosumnes River College. Prior to joining Cosumnes River College in 2010, he worked as the associate dean of students at Radford University in Virginia. Additionally, Marion has held positions at San Diego State University, Los Angeles City College and the University of Southern California.

Marion, who is an active member of many of the region’s leadership programs and various community organizations, wants to pursue partnerships that solidify Drexel’s role as an “intellectual hub” in the Sacramento region.

“My goal is to make Drexel University Sacramento the intellectual hub of this region. I want it to be an additional option that is available to other students within the region. Some priorities of mine include maintaining the elite level of education that is widespread here, continuing to develop the business two-and-two undergrad program, and continuing to support faculty and staff members while building enrollment,” Marion said.
Marion will be replacing Sandra Kirschenmann, who has served with Drexel University Sacramento for the last three years. Her retirement will go into effect Sept. 1.

When asked about the position that he is entering with Drexel University Sacramento, Marion said, “I think Drexel Sacramento is a unique and outstanding place. It has the opportunity to accomplish some amazing things; entering in year five of this organization’s growth stage, I will be the fourth person coming in, and I think that everyone who served before me has done something to move the institution forward. Sandy has been outstanding, and I want to take her work and develop it further. The three pioneers before me really jump-started the program and I believe that I am the individual who will move it into the future by helping push the brand forward.”

During her three years with the institution, Kirschenmann led the launch of three new programs on Drexel Sacramento’s campus, including the Bachelor of Science in business administration transfer program and a career services and co-op program. She has also recruited some of the region’s most influential leaders to join the advisory board of Drexel University Sacramento and has been a vocal supporter of Sacramento’s “young professionals” movement.

Since its launch, Drexel University Sacramento’s academic offerings have expanded to include eight graduate programs and one undergraduate transfer program. Some of its academic programs in business, healthcare and education are designed to address some of the Sacramento region’s most pressing needs. Drexel University Sacramento has successfully graduated over 300 alumni.