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PhilaMOCA is saved by GoFundMe | The Triangle

PhilaMOCA is saved by GoFundMe

The PhilaMOCA is not only an art gallery and event space but is also a unique music venue, just like when it hosted Madeline Kenney last November. (Photograph by Ethan Hermann for The Triangle.)

The Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art, otherwise known as the PhilaMOCA has recently shut its doors to the DIY music scene and public. The reason being: rezoning issued by the city. However, a recent fundraising project may mean a re-opening in the near future.

Manager and Drexel alumni Eric Bresler created a GoFundMe to support the re-opening of this iconic music venue. At first, the goal was $20,000 which would go towards updating electrical work, zoning and construction. After an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, Bresler decided to raise the goal to $30,000, which has been reached.

Bresler was truly shocked, saying “It was a huge surprise. Before I put the fundraiser up, I was like ‘I bet we’ll get five to $10,000 if we’re lucky,’ I Never expected $30,000… I guess I just never really stepped back and realized that people really appreciated the room,”

Bresler went on to describe how he keeps the PhilaMOCA an all-ages, DIY music-based space for local artists to use and enjoy music, view art and attend events. He believes in keeping the ethos of the basement punk scene that he grew up in. Bresler went on to even point out the importance of a place such as PhilaMOCA, saying “It’s something that the city needs. PhilaMOCA is really unique, I like to think of it as a professionally-run DIY space.”

Other organizations in the area are also pitching in to help out the PhilaMOCA, such as Jerks Production’s event that sought out to “Resurrect PhilaMOCA.”

As of right now, the PhilaMOCA team is waiting on the city to give them the OK on re-opening.

The $30,000 is estimated to cover all expenses for changes the city is requesting. These renovations will hopefully be made in time to celebrate the PhilaMOCA’s 10 year anniversary.

In the meantime, several local venues such as R5 Productions, Boot & Saddle, Ruba Club, Dave Kiss Presents, Kung Fu Necktie, World Cafe Live, The Trestle Inn, Warehouse on Watts, Azavea, Radio Kismet, and PHIT have extended their calendar to put on shows that were cancelled as a result of the PhilaMOCA closing.