New Auntie Anne’s/Cinnabon/Carvel opens on campus | The Triangle

New Auntie Anne’s/Cinnabon/Carvel opens on campus

Photo by Matthew Magda | The Triangle

Drexel University’s students came back to campus after winter break to a new year, new term and a sweet new Auntie Anne’s/Cinnabon/Carvel on campus. 

Located at The Summit on 3400 Lancaster Avenue, next to Chipotle and Blaze Pizza, the menu offers a wide selection of pretzels, pastries, desserts and drinks, blending the three franchises into one cohesive establishment. Its location makes it a prime spot for students to stop by on their way to the center of campus. 

“Opening up on Drexel’s campus has been an experiment since we’ve mainly been functioning in mall locations up until this point,” said District Manager Angel Khanna. “This is one of the first street-side locations and it has been really successful so far. We’re looking forward to potentially expanding to other college campuses sometime in the future.” 

Auntie Anne’s/Cinnabon/Carvel focuses on stellar customer service, cleanliness in the workspace and having fresh and quality products for everyone to enjoy, according to Khanna. 

“The [Auntie Anne’s/Cinnabon/Carvel] has more of a variety of options on the menu, and it’s a good addition to the rest of the locations on campus because of the quality of the food,” said Shaniya Gohel, a student that currently lives on campus. “I find myself going in between classes often because of how close it is.”

“Every time I go in, there’s always a lot of people,” said Basil Roy, a student who currently commutes to campus. “When I first came to the United States two years ago, Auntie Anne’s was the first place I stopped to get a snack from so it’s really cool that it’s spreading to more types of locations. There are definitely a lot of good places to eat on campus, but not a lot where you can buy sweet snacks at a reasonable price.” 

“We’ve been up and running for about a month, training new employees as we pick up the pace, and everything has been running pretty smoothly,” said Khanna. “We hope to continue to help expand the campus food and snack scene for the rest of the term and years to come.”

Hours of operation are 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday.