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Fry’s contract extended five more years

Drexel University’s Board of Trustees unanimously passed a five-year extension of John A. Fry’s contract as president of the University Sept. 30. This contract runs until August of 2020, and includes a boost in Fry’s pay for good performance although the amount has not yet been specified.

Fry, 55, has served as president of Drexel since 2010. He previously led a fundraising campaign culminating in a total of $455 million. Currently he is leading a campaign for the University in pursuit of $900 million. During his term, the University has completed construction projects on campus buildings such as the Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building, the URBN Center and the Gerri C. Lebow Hall.

Fry has also been instrumental in securing a $50 million donation towards the Drexel’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law and a $45 million donation toward the Dornsife School of Public Health—both schools receiving the namesakes of their benefactors. Fry has also been on board for transformative projects such as The Summit, Chestnut Square and The Study at University City.

Fry has also made moves such as eliminating Drexel’s satellite campus in Sacramento, California and pulling a program that allowed students to earn four-year Drexel University degrees taking courses at their local community colleges.

Along with Fry’s contract extension, Drexel University’s strategic plan—established in 2012—has been extended to 2019. The plan includes initiatives such as defining Drexel as an academic leader in higher educational research and further extending the University’s connections across the globe. Other initiatives include improving the University’s retention rates and encouraging students to be active alumni.