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Fry named Chairman of Phila. Chamber of Commerce

President Fry was named Chairman of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Feb. 5. He will assume this position in October 2016, succeeding the current chairman, Denis O’Brien.

The Chamber of Commerce represents over half a million employees in the Philadelphia area with the principal aims of promoting economic growth and taking advantage of government policies that are small business-friendly. They also create initiatives in the community for education and professional enrichment. As chairman, Fry will serve as the legislative head of the Executive Board and assist the Chamber’s president in making decisions regarding issues within the business community.

Fry has been on the board of directors for the Chamber of Commerce since 2010, the same year he came to Drexel after serving as president of Franklin & Marshall College. Prior to his time as Franklin & Marshall, he served as executive vice president at the University of Pennsylvania.  His achievements at Franklin & Marshall include increasing the academic performance of students and making a commitment to increase financial aid. At the University of Pennsylvania, Fry created a coalition of organizations to address concerns in West Philadelphia. Before his employment at Penn, he worked as a management consultant in nonprofit and education organizations.

President Fry could not have received this honor without proving his expertise through the countless advancements he has made within the Drexel community. One of Fry’s most notable accomplishments is his promotion for Drexel Ventures, an enterprise on campus that helps faculty and students develop businesses. Fry has also supported Drexel’s Campus Master Plan, which aims to improve the infrastructure and use of technology on our campus. In addition to his accomplishments within the university borders, he has been a catalyst for economic, academic and social growth in the West Philadelphia area. Some of his achievements include supporting local public schools through the PECO-Drexel Education Collaborative and creating the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships and the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation here on Drexel’s campus.

While assuming this role will require a great investment of time and energy from President Fry, he will continue to serve Drexel University as the president. In October 2015, he signed a five-year contract to continue serving as president of Drexel University.