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Email storage soon rising to 50 gigs

Rebecca LaQuaglia The Triangle
Rebecca LaQuaglia The Triangle

All email accounts will be moved to the cloud and upgraded to 50 gigabytes of storage, Drexel University Information Technology announced in an email to students Feb. 10.

This storage increase will come as a result of the migration of the current mail system to Microsoft Office 365. Five terabytes of online file storage will also be available to users as a part of this upgrade.

Faculty and professional staff will experience this update first. A schedule of when each department will have their emails upgraded will soon be made available by Drexel IT. Students will experience the upgrade second, as their emails are housed on a separate server.

For students, old emails will not be migrated to the new system. If students wish to keep old emails, they can transfer them to the new system individually.

An exact timeline has not been released for the mail system update, but the old system will remain functional through June 2017. More information can be found at