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DU Review partners with Koofers

DUReview.com, Drexel University’s popular professor review website, recently partnered with Koofers.com, a private social networking site based in Reston, Va. geared toward college students.

Koofers, which bears the slogan, “College simplified,” has compiled DU Review’s professor review system with a plethora of other beneficial features to help students compartmentalize their college material into one convenient location.

DU Review, Drexel’s professor review system, has merged with Koofers.com, a private social networking site. Drexel students can create an account with the company by using their Facebook login credentials.
About the merger, DU Review founder Grant DiLibero said, “It has been a pleasure serving the Drexel University community for the past six years. DUreview has teamed up with Koofers, meaning you’ll still have free access to our 20,000+ professor ratings and much more. Go Dragons! Thank you for your support.”



Students can access Koofers by simply entering their Facebook login credentials. After students are registered, they instantly have free access to all that the site has to offer – which includes study guides, class notes, flash card generators, schedule generators, entire lectures and even exams previously given by Drexel professors. The site also allows students to view the grade distribution for a specific class. This tool shows the percentage of A’s, B’s, C’s, etc. that a teacher gave for a specific course. Students can then enroll in a course with more accurate grade expectations.

“Koofers is great for picking classes. It has professor ratings and comments by other students who have taken the class. This allows me to make informed choices and take the best courses available,” freshman sport management major Josh Brackett said:

Since DU Review was previously affiliated solely with Drexel, the site was somewhat limited in the information it could provide. With Koofers, students have access to everything DU Review had to offer, along with the resources of over 4,000 universities worldwide. With more than 400,000 Koofers members, Drexel students can review for their upcoming final with a study guide or flash cards written by any number of students taking the same course. The site even offers a “study break” section that gives users an opportunity to take a break and relax with simple computer games such as “Tetris” and “Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Not all students are excited about the change. Freshman communication major Dennis Wilson said, “I am concerned that to even access the site I have to give them my Facebook account. I’d hate to have a professor see my personal information associated with any negative feedback.

“Koofers appears perfectly designed to burn bridges between the student and professor, and at a time when I’ve been told I should focus on making connections, that seems counterproductive,” Wilson continued.

According to the Koofers website, uploads and professor ratings will be confidential.

Students can access the new website at www.koofers.com/dureview.