Drexel introduces new Esport Business major for students interested in careers in the booming industry | The Triangle

Drexel introduces new Esport Business major for students interested in careers in the booming industry

Photograph courtesy of Giuseppe Manfra at Getty Images.

Drexel recently announced that, as of fall term, it is offering a new esport business program, created for students interested in careers in the professional video gaming industry. Those enrolled in this new program will earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree.

The decision by Drexel to create the esport business program comes as the multi-billion dollar gaming industry is growing rapidly and attracting a wide audience.

“As the [competitive video gaming] industry expands, there are increasing job opportunities in areas related to professional and recreational esports, including law, event management, facility management, marketing and more,” Drexel’s LeBow College of Business wrote on its website.

For students who are interested in this program, but not as their primary area of study, a minor in esports is being offered through the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, as well.

According to Dr. Michael Wagner, the head of the Digital Media department in the Westphal College, this new esport business program is a great extension of the already-established game design program within Westphal.

“This [new program] will allow students not only to get hands-on insight in the development of digital games, but it will also give them the opportunity to interface with game design student teams for the purpose of developing new and innovative esports game titles,” Wagner said.

Although Drexel, as well as other universities, has a wide variety of esports-oriented clubs and student organizations, it is one of the first to create a degree program dedicated to the booming industry.

“With the ability to develop a strong business core and specialize in topics specific to the esports industry, such as game design and strategy, students who major in esport business will have a unique background and the requisite knowledge needed to stand out from other candidates in the job market,” according to the LeBow website.

Those interested in learning more about Drexel’s new esport business degree through the LeBow College of Business can read about the program here.