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Drexel dictionary: learn how to talk like a Dragon

The Drexel Shaft (noun and verb)

The Drexel Shaft (or just the shaft) is a term that refers to any event or policy brought about by Drexel that impacts students negatively. The term originates from an old smokestack that used to reside near campus and served as a symbol of student malcontent. The structure was demolished in 2009.

In a sentence (noun): Man, we really got the shaft today with that new add/drop policy.

In a sentence (verb):  I got totally shafted today. Drexel Central says I can’t take out any loans while I’m on co-op.

The DAC (noun) (pronounced dack)

This is the Daskalakis Athletic Center. It is the home games for most of Drexel’s indoor sports teams are held here.

In a sentence: We should head over to the DAC to watch the basketball game tonight.

Midterm(s) (noun)

At a traditional, semester-based school, midterms would be a series of examinations that occur halfway through the semester. Due to the quarter system, Drexel doesn’t work that way. Most students will have three to five exams throughout the term before finals week, and generally all of these exams are referred to as midterms.

In a sentence: I can’t believe I have four midterms Week 3!

PISB (noun) (pronounced PIZ-bee or pizb)

PISB stands for Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building. Home to a spiral staircase and a wall covered in plants (The Biowall), it’s one of Drexel’s more unique buildings. Most biology classes and labs are held here.

In a sentence: I have to get to PISB by 9 a.m. for Bio 122 or I’ll miss my Week 3 midterm.

The Hans (noun)

The Hans is short for The Handschumacher, which is the university’s main dining hall. The entrance is located in Chestnut Square, outside of the Creese Student Center.

In a sentence: I went to the Hans alone the other day… I guess you could say I went Hans solo.

Mario (noun)

Mario is the name of Drexel’s big blue mascot, the dragon. Generally, when people refer to Mario, they are referring to the statue of the dragon on the corner of 33rd and Market streets.

In a sentence: We’ll meet up at Mario around noon.

The Drexel Football Team (noun)

No, Drexel does not have an actual football team. That’s the name of the university’s improv comedy club. Funny, right?

In a sentence: The Drexel Football Team is doing a show tonight, want to go?

LeBow Engineering vs LeBow Business (aka G. Hall) (noun) *

Just to make things fun, Drexel has two academic buildings with LeBow in their titles. LeBow Engineering Center, which was built first, is named after Drexel graduate Bennett S. LeBow and generally hosts math and engineering classes. LeBow Business Center is named after Bennett’s late wife, Gerri, and is often referred to as G. Hall. The on-campus Starbucks is located inside.

*Note: neither of these buildings should be confused with the LeBow College of Business, which refers to all the students and departments under the umbrella of the business school.

In a sentence: I have to go all the way to LeBow Engineering for my Linear Algebra Class.

In a sentence: We’re going to meet up in G. Hall to get frappucinos.

Perelman Plaza (noun)

Perelman Plaza is a paved walkway that stretches between the Main Building and Disque Hall. It’s a common meeting place for students, and it houses several benches and tables for outdoor studying when the weather’s nice. Also commonly referred to as “the quad” since Drexel does not have a formal Quadrangle yet.

In a sentence: Want to meet up at Perelman Plaza?

The MFL or The Blue Line or The El (noun)

These all refer to the Market Frankford Line, which is a subway route that goes from the Frankford Transportation Center (East Philadelphia) to the 69th Street Transportation Center (West Philadelphia). It’s also known as the Blue Line. The El refers to the elevated rail system, which is a segment of the MFL in West Philly in which the subway transitions from underground to above ground.

In a sentence: The dang El was late today and I almost missed my co-op interview.

The BSL or The Broad Street Line or The Orange Line (noun)

This is a subway route that runs perpendicular to the MFL, going from AT&T Station (South Philadelphia) to Fern Rock Transportation Center (North Philadelphia). At the City Hall station (or 15th Street Station), there is a free interchange to switch from the MFL to the Broad Street Line or vice versa.

In a sentence: We took the Broad Street Line last night to get to Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies Game.

The Schuylkill (noun)

The Schuylkill is a river that lies adjacent to the city of Philadelphia. The Schuylkill River Trail, a scenic route stretching over 60 miles, is often used for running, biking, or taking a leisurely stroll. Schuylkill Yards, an upcoming construction project associated with Drexel, is also named after the river.

In a sentence: Wow, the Schuylkill looks super brown today like, even more than usual.

The Rec Center (noun)

The Drexel Recreation Center and Gym (not to be confused with the DAC) is open to all Drexel students as a part of their tuition. It was even voted Philadelphia’s Best Gym by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In a sentence: I haven’t worked out in a week – time to hit the Rec Center.

RTM (noun)

RTM stands for Reading Terminal Market. Located on 51 N 12th St. near the Convention Center, RTM is a virtual smorgasbord of practically every food imaginable. Inside, one can purchase everything from fresh produce to cheesesteaks to wedding cakes. It’s open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. as well as Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In a sentence: I went to RTM for lunch and I’m so full I’ll never eat again.

The Triangle

The Triangle is the independently funded, student-run newspaper of Drexel University. You’re reading it right now! If you like what you see, come on down to MacAlister 3010 at 6:30 p.m. Sep. 21 for our first general body meeting. Note: there will be free pizza galore.

In a sentence: I’m going to join The Triangle it’s what all the cool kids are doing.