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DiSanto elected editor-in-chief

Laura DiSanto, a junior majoring in graphic design, was recently elected to the position of editor-in-chief of The Triangle for the spring and summer terms.

DiSanto, who is currently on co-op at Duane Morris, LLP, has taken over for Jamie Thomson, who will be graduating this year. Thomson previously held the position for the fall and winter terms of 2010.

DiSanto learned the logistics of newspaper editing through her time as co-chief copy editor for The Triangle, which began in the spring of 2010. She gained additional insight into the structure of the paper when she became an Editorial Board member  in the summer of last year.

DiSanto also serves as vice president of Drexel Art Organization, and she plans on putting to use the valuable leadership skills she has gained in that position.

“I’ve learned the good and bad about leading an organization like The Triangle,” DiSanto said.

Current co-chief copy editor Jessica Stevens is confident of DiSanto’s aptitude to run the newspaper.

“Laura has always been a motivator within The Triangle. She is always willing to work her hardest to ensure that whatever task is in her hands at the time is completed as efficiently as possible,” Stevens noted.

Laura DiSanto is The Triangle’s new editor-in-chief for the spring and summer terms. She is taking over for Jamie Thomson after serving as co-chief copy editor for a year.
“Her role as EIC will allow her natural leadership qualities to shine and bring great success to The Triangle this term. Her leadership will be put to use as she coordinates the needs and desires of The Triangle, the University and the undergraduate student body,” Stevens continued.

DiSanto discussed her main goals for improving the newspaper, which include improving article quality and encouraging more community involvement on campus.

“I want The Triangle to have more of a presence on campus. I want it to be considered a reliable source for news and information for students and faculty,” DiSanto explained.

She noted that one of the necessary steps to accomplish the latter is holding the administration accountable for its actions.

“I know what Drexel is doing right and what it’s doing wrong. Hopefully that knowledge will help make The Triangle more of a watchdog on campus,” DiSanto said.

In addition to her other goals, DiSanto aims to continue to be vigilant in covering stories around campus.

“We’ve done a lot of major articles over the last term, and I want to be sure we continue that. A lot is happening on campus,” DiSanto said, emphasizing the changes being brought about by Fry’s emerging presidency.

“It’s a very exciting time in Drexel’s history — the future of the University is being developed, and we get to watch it happen. It’s important for The Triangle to keep the Drexel community informed,” she continued.

Thomson provided some words of wisdom for her successor.

“I wish her the best of luck. It’s definitely one of the most challenging but most educational experiences I’ve had at Drexel,” Thomson said.

She continued, “I guess the most important thing is to remember that it’s a learning experience for everyone, and [that] we’re all just students … trying to do the best we can.”

DiSanto was elected at the end of winter term by a vote of Triangle staff members.