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Drexel University Coffee Club brewing up success

Members of the new Drexel University Coffee Club on one of their trips to get some good old caffeine. (Photograph courtesy of Zack Smith.)

Four pre-juniors have started the Drexel University Coffee Club to help students discover the diverse coffee culture of Philadelphia on weekend mornings, as well as find places to hang out or study outside campus.

The idea originated as the current e-board members — Zack Smith, Kate Ryan, Jillian Saunders and Margaret McCurdy — went to different Philly area coffee shops during their time as STAR Scholars, trying their favorite drinks.

That is when they realized that Drexel did not have any clubs where students explore the city and take advantage of Philly’s coffee and food scene. As of 2014, Business Insider story ranked Drexel University as the second-most caffeinated college campus in America, behind only the University of Pennsylvania.

Photograph courtesy of Zack Smith.

“For me, it was also a good way to get work done because a lot of my research position was supposed to be done remotely, so these coffee shops were like a relaxing environment to finish my work,” club vice president Kate Ryan said.

They came up with the idea of creating a club where students could get outside of the University City bubble for both socializing and getting work done.

When asked why the goal was both social and practical, club secretary Jillian Saunders replied “Because that is Drexel — friends and work.”

DUCC became active Fall term 2019 and, besides typical general body meetings, they are looking into organizing weekend coffee runs, as well as special activities like cupping events where students try to see the entire process of crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

Photograph courtesy of Zack Smith.

“All the coffee shops are super unique, and we hope everyone will find the one that is their personal favorite,” Ryan said.

Thus far, they have three hosted coffee runs to Peddler Coffee, ReAnimator Coffee Roasters and Ox Coffee, in addition to organizing a Coffee Quizzo at the latter location. More coffee runs are scheduled to happen in upcoming weekends to Ultimo Coffee and Rival Bros Coffee. They will also host a general body meeting Oct. 17 at 6:30 p.m. at Ross Commons.

For more information about the Coffee Club, you can find them on Dragon Link and Instagram @DrexelCoffeeClub.