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Chestnut elevator still out of service

American Campus Communities and its property, Chestnut Square, are well known by Drexel University students as an alternative on-campus housing option for sophomores and upperclassmen. Being one of the only choices for some students, ACC and Chestnut Square carry a reputation of being slightly better than the dorms but having problems of their own.

One issue has been plaguing the tenants of Chestnut Square since winter quarter. According to student residents, one of Chestnut Square’s three main lobby elevators has been out of commission since late January of this year, which has been a source of constant frustration. Large pile-ups have been happening in the lobby, causing problems for tenants.

“I have a knee injury that makes it painful to walk without a brace. Because of this, I try to take the elevator as much as possible … sometimes I will have to wait extra long just to have enough space to fit inside the elevator,” Brandon Martinez, another Chestnut Square resident and Army veteran, says.

Chestnut Square has emailed students twice to update them on the situation.

The first, dated Feb. 22, informed students of ongoing repairs to the downed elevator and reminded students that “the back stairwell … can be used to gain access to all residential floors of the building.”

The second, dated March 1, updated students that more repairs had been identified, and a new part would need to be manufactured, expected to take approximately eight weeks.

According to Martinez, there has not been enough communication.

“They said it would be fixed months ago, and since then, I have not received a single update,” he claims.

As of May 7, no new updates have been provided to the residents of Chestnut Square.