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An open letter to Drexel’s black student community

To the black student community of Drexel University,

As the world has been all too well reminded by the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and now George Floyd, America is not a safe place for black people.

As more murders, incidents and altercations come to surface that show the prevalence of racism through an unadulterated, crystal-clear lens, it is the job of allies to rise up, speak up and do something.

While actions matter more in many aspects, words still hold a large sum of value. This is why newspapers and news media still exist today.

It is with great importance we state that if any injustice is brought upon you during your time at Drexel, there are people at this newspaper who believe you and who will call out those guilty and who deserve punishment.

Your voice will be heard. Your story will matter. Your life will be cared about and fought for. You will be fought for.

You cannot feel wholly safe in a country that has never wholly protected you, but please know that there will be others ready to help in the never-ending battle that you fight.

When you are on Drexel’s campus your education and your happiness should be at the forefront of your mind, not whether or not you will survive to see another day or year.

Your accomplishments and your successes are what the news should be filled with.


The News Editors