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7-Eleven remains open after crash

A car crashed through the storefront of the 7-Eleven located at the corner of 34th Street and Lancaster Avenue June 6,  and thankfully no one was harmed.

According to Drexel Police Chief Edward Spangler, a 59-year-old-male was pulling into the 7-Eleven parking lot that afternoon when his accelerator got stuck and he couldn’t stop the vehicle.

The 7-Eleven, commonly frequented by Drexel students and often rumored to be the busiest branch in the country, suffered the bulk of the damage, with the car receiving minor scrapes and dents.

“He hopped the curb, hopped the sidewalk and crashed right through the glass,” Spangler said. The driver was able to back the car out of the building immediately following the crash.

Chris Hamer, a junior majoring in information systems at Drexel, was waiting in line at the 7-Eleven to check out when the car crashed through the building.

“I was leaning on a pole about two or three feet away from where the window was,” Hamer said. “At first I didn’t really react because I thought that something small fell over. But then I heard the metal scraping and the glass.”

Hamer claimed he wasn’t the only person with a delayed reaction.

“No one really reacted or freaked out when it happened. I think everyone was in shock,” Hamer said. “I had a really confused reaction, I guess. It’s not something you see every day.

According to Spangler, no drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident.

“In our jobs, it wasn’t really that major,” Spangler said. “No one got hurt. You can always fix property, but you can’t always fix people.

Despite the ordeal, the 7-Eleven still remained open for business the entire day.


Update 6/12/2012: Chris Hamer is majoring in information systems, not information technology.