Join The Triangle’s IT Team

Volunteer For the IT Team!

The Triangle is Drexel University’s independently-operated student newspaper that prints every week (except for Summer term and during this pandemic). Being run by students, we are entirely dependent on the revenue generated from ads and receive no financial support from Drexel to maintain our editorial independence, which means we run like a non-profit business. As a business, we have multitudes of real-world technological needs, from server hosting and computer management to software development. Without this technology, The Triangle and our nearly 100-year history would come to an end. As such, we find ourselves consistently short-staffed in the IT department and have an urgent need for dedicated volunteers.

Why Join?

  • Real-world, resume-ready experience (everyone in the department has used this experience to secure multiple co-ops)
  • Real impact, directly see your contributions help the organization
  • A sandbox for your ideas, we are self-starters and would like you to be too
  • Help your community
  • Mentor and be mentored

Current Projects

  • Converting our WordPress site/CMS to Drupal
  • CI/CD pipeline for our website
  • Migrating content between WordPress and Drupal databases
  • Converting our site from a local server to a remote VPS
  • Fix local and remote backups for our file server

Open Projects

  • Central management of our iMacs
  • More cost-effective online backup through AWS or Azure
  • Upgrading iMac hardware
  • SSO/Accounts/Permissions management
  • Many more


  • There are is no hourly commitment required, although we would like you to attend weekly meetings
  • To be eligible for the quarterly Staff Dinner, you must be an active participant and make contributions

While we are seeking people with experience that they can contribute to our pressing needs, beginners and those with limited experience are still encouraged to apply. Educational sessions will be held and we strive to help each other, but bear in mind you are responsible for your own growth, just as in any other business.

Any questions contact

NOTE: We are a non-profit and this is a volunteer position. All staff at The Triangle are volunteers, and despite being a business, no financial compensation should be expected.