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Two Door Cinema Club delivers dance music to sold out audience

Since Two Door Cinema Club last made a stop in Philadelphia back in January, the band’s popularity has exploded. Their songs are now heard regularly on the radio and stores such as Forever 21 and H&M now include the Northern Irish trio’s music on their soundtrack. The band’s music is infectious and spreading fast but not just because it’s catchy. Two Door Cinema Club produces upbeat songs that are also well-written rock pieces.

The songs frequently hitting the airwaves are off the band’s 2010 release “Tourist History,” an album they are supporting for the last time on their current U.S. tour that stopped at the TLA, Sept. 9.  After setting off seizure-inducing flashing lights, the band took the stage with “Cigarettes In the Theatre,” the opener to their album. The audience was instantly off their feet as they sang along.

After playing some old favorites, lead singer Alex Trimble told the sold out crowd the band is taking a break after the tour to complete a new album. Two Door incorporated some of these new songs into their set that the crowd reacted to with just as much enthusiasm as they did for the songs they already loved.

Towards the end of their set Trimble introduced “You’re Not Stubborn” as a “dancing song” before stating, “all [their] songs are dancing songs,” which was already proven by the crowd’s inability to sit still whenever a song was being played. Before exiting the stage, the band performed a rendition of their latest single, “What You Know.” They included an a cappella intro in dimmed lights before the song and crowd picked up the tempo. The burst of energy would have made a fitting end to the night but Two Door returned for a short encore that ended on “I Can Talk” without being anticlimactic.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club performed at the TLA, Sept. 9 to a sold out crowd. The band played many songs off their latest release, “Tourist History,” including “Cigarettes in the Theatre” and “I Can Talk.”

Alex Trimble told the Philadelphian crowd that it was the “most fun [he] had on stage in a hell of a long time” and insisted the audience was better than the one in Boston the previous night. While bands often promise the fans in front of them that they are superior to those on past dates of the tour, there was definitely genuine gratitude for the concert-goers’ participation. Every “cheers” and “thank you” at the end of the song sounded like a sincere expression from three boys who never expected so much success so far away from home.

The band has had a busy year touring around the world making stops all over Europe, Russia and more. They have played the Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury festivals in the UK as well as the United States’ Coachella and Virgin Mobile Freefest. All of those barely skim the surface of all they have accomplished in such a short amount of time. A break from touring will give them a much needed rest so they can return with fresh melodies and lyrics that at the very least will make people dance.