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Triangle Treasures May 2021

America’s Got Talent Full Episodes — “Watch Films Unlimited”

A few months ago, I uncovered a YouTube channel called “Watch Films Unlimited” containing almost every episode of the show America’s Got Talent in full. Although I have been very unimpressed with the newer seasons of the show, I remember obsessively following seasons five through 10 as they were airing. Past seasons of AGT have never been available on streaming platforms, possibly for copyright issues during performances, and revisiting these episodes has been an experience I thought would be impossible. The availability of the show might be short, so rewatch them while you can before they become lost again.

“The Newsroom” — TV Show

This show is a little dated in a few ways, mostly in that it concerns itself largely with major news events from 2010-2012. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fan of solid actors saying witty Aaron Sorkin dialogue, and some good political content that is a little easier to distance yourself from than the actual news cycle, it’s worth trying out. Available on HBO Max.

The Symposium’s Self-Titled Album

This 2017 album brings a psychedelic and garage rock take on the indie rock genre. With catchy repetitive choruses and lots of synth, this album is a fun listening experience. Personal favorites from the album are “Streems” and “Based.” If you like bands like The Strokes or The Walters, I would definitely recommend giving “The Symposium” a listen.

“Overdrive” by Conan Gray — Song

Conan Gray has mastered the indie-pop genre, and ventures in a new direction with his single “Overdrive.” The song is criminally addictive, featuring a clean, pop sound and catchy lyrics. A perfect addition to any summer playlist, “Overdrive” is my favorite song for late night drives. I highly recommend blasting this one on your stereo — it’s impossible not to sing along.

“Breeders” — TV Show

FX on Hulu show starring Martin Freeman. The British comedy centers around the idea of loving your kids to death but also wanting to kill them sometimes. Raising two kids in London, Freeman’s Paul and his partner Ally handle the ups and downs of life in this comedy.